Pick your own from the farm.

Delicious seedless mangoes.

The pedigree to PERTH MANGO FARM  lies in the love of a woman. Yes my lady was a mango lover (not such a rare breed these days)  so  to stay popular I not only picked up my jocks, I also thought I would grow her favourite fruit. The 2 trees I planted 30 years ago have long gone however the thrill and taste of my first mangoes ( proudly presented ) still in my memory, this was the birthplace of my dream. Much to the dismay of my family I proceeded to clear an area on my property and plant 1000 trees. The rest is a history of pain and passion.

I soon learnt (after the disaster of losing my first 50 experimental trees to frost) they needed to be housed in plastic bags during the cold months then under shade clothe for the summer season all 1000 trees, such was my desire to succeed particularly when all the experts were telling me… I was wasting my time you cant grow mangoes this far south of the equator. The trees are coming up 20 years old and producing magnificent fruit. The farm has been attracting visitors for many years, (we now have a database with over 1850 customers) first sales from my veranda 12 years ago.  It just so happens in the peak of season I am still charging $7.50 kg. The farm and retail sophistication has come a long way since then.

Modern checks outs with interface scale technology, EFTPOS facility, static mango tour, barbecue areas and some seasons mango smoothes, mango chutney, dried mango and frozen slices.

Over the years because of the passion and love of mangoes I endeavoured to provide a product that tastes as good as it gets.

The secret.

The fruit grown here is free from toxic sprays and chemicals, fruit fly and other insects are controlled using bate with an organic chemical added. The fruit that is offered for sale has been left to mature and ripen on the trees ensuring the flavour.
Our customers are telling us the flavour is the best they have ever tasted. The farm has a reputation for growing magnificent seedless mangoes.

I have been experimenting growing seedless mangoes for many years with great success. The motivation was simple, I am sure at some time most of us have wished for more delicious fruit, as the seed appears. Bugger that big seed at times taking up to 30% of the pleasure. A trip to the farm offers a unique experience not only the chance to pick mangoes fresh from the tree but also seedless mangoes with no string and a flavour which is out of this world.