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The Mango Farm

Cocktail Seedless Mangoes available now . The taste is out of this world.

At The Mango Farm we are proud to present our mangoes in the very best possible condition. The fruit has been left to mature on the trees and only when the optimum sugar and flavour level has been reached is the fruit picked and presented to you.

Why our Mangoes taste better?

It is no secret that fruit grown in a more temperate environment have a superior flavour and higher sugar content. Our orchard has been established much further south than typical tropical plantations. Perth’s cold winter has proved to be advantageous giving our fruit the edge when it comes to flavour and sweetness. At The Mango Farm, our trees have been propagated from seed sourced from the Bowen region of Queensland.

In 1992 the seed from trees which were renowned for their flavour were chosen ensuring the quality of the fruit we produce. The fruit available here is free from insecticides and pesticides. Fruit fly and other pest control is achieved through selected baiting. We trust you will enjoy the sensational taste of our mangoes and look forward to your visit at The Mango Farm.